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Being an entrepreneur means that you have to know something about all aspects of setting up and running a business. Legal issues often require expert advice or services from a lawyer. It is useful to have some background information before tackling many of these. There are many legal issues to consider when starting up a business, ranging from deciding what form the business will take (Close Corporation, Company, etc) to VAT registration and tax issues, to labour law and contract law.

A useful starting point is the Paralegal Advice Website which gives a useful introduction to most legal aspects. For the small business entrepreneur, the sections on Small Business Law, Consumer Law and Labour Law are relevant and worthwhile going through. Click through on the link above. You will find the information useful.



Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on the Paralegal Advice Website, cannot be taken to substitute professional legal advice. Neither BioSA nor the Paralegal Advice Website will accept any responsibility for claims that may arise out of use of the information. In other words, this information is a good starting point. Consult a lawyer to be certain.




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